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Driven by a team of passionate and expert astrologers and numerologists. Your Astro Speak is one of the finest astrology solution providers. We have experience of more than one decade in offering proficient astrology and numerology related services. Over the years, we have carved a niche for ourselves by making accurate predictions and suggesting beneficial remedies.With personalized reading, horoscope analysis, name correction and synchronisation services we have helped several business person, politicians and influential personalities to scale the ladder of success and prosperity.

Your Astro Speak is the brainchild of Dr Rahhuul Singh. The influencer, astrologer, numerologist began his journey in the year 2001 by writing for a national daily on Palmistry. His deep knowledge, understanding and accurateness along with his keen interest in the subject made him popular for consultation. DrRahhuul Singh truly believes in the power of numbers, planets and their significance in lives. Hence, this venture’ Your Astro Speak’ suggests the numerologically correct and astrologically exact names for business ventures, babies, a lucky number of vehicles and much more.

The team of professional palmists, horoscope readers, astrologists and numerologists at Your Astro Speak strives to analyse the influence of numbers and positions of planets to suggest a correction to fine-tune company name, logo or propose a new name.

Moreover, We also offers foundation courses, advanced numerology and combination course for individuals aiming to expand their knowledge spectrum and get valuable insights on the subject. The courses at Your Astro Speak are curated with care and are well-researched. These courses polish your skills and enable you to be a part of one of the most reputed communities.

We combines astrology and numerology in the form of Astro-Numerology to provide its clients custom solutions, remedies and suggestions.

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