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Marriage is considered to be a life full of dreams, romance and elegance. In Astrology there seventh house and the placement of planet in it fundamentally gives insights about marriage of individual. As per my observations and understanding, Jupiter used to be a fundamental catalyst for married life whereas in modern times, with spread of material life (modernization) , the role of Venus planet is also very important. We should not only consider Jupiter for getting insights about person marriage rather Venus planet is equally important. I have observed in many horoscopes when Venus is weak and malefic, person is not able to enjoy a happy married life despite Jupiter being good placed. Hence marriage prediction is possible through understanding the strength and placement of Jupiter and Venus in a horoscope. Venus and Jupiter together have strength to make a long lasting romantic marital life. The auspicious planet like Venus and Jupiter may cause early Marriage Astrology has the ability to predict whether marriage of the person can be early, on time or will be delayed. However, In the same way your horoscope also gives insights about a difficult marriage or failure of marriage. Mercury and Moon planet are also responsible for early marriage along with good Venus and Jupiter. A well-placed moon indicates a beautiful life partner for a male whereas a good mercury indicates a communicative and jolly nature life partner for a female. To the contrary a bad mercury may cause communication issue and if Jupiter or Venus too are malefic the quality of relationship in such cases may suffer despite being together. Marriage in Astrology is an outcome of interaction of planets hence its strength or weakness has direct impact on quality of marriage. In 2002 , a couple came to me after reading my Article in a national daily and took my guidance whether they can get married or not, after going through the data, I clearly mentioned that seventh house of both of you does not align hence marriage in this case is not possible. To my utter surprise same thing happened, the boy came after one year and said that marriage could not happen and now its not possible because girl is now already married. Therefore, my research in marriage and health Astrology for last 21 years gives an idea that the strength of planet and its association with seventh house plays an important role in deciding the course of marriage even it can speak about whether it would be love or arrange. Like Jupiter can indicate the prospect of Diabetes, Jupiter placement can pronounce the nature of married life also, I have seen several cases where despite the native being married, the placement of Jupiter resulted in no physical relation for a long period or even ended sometimes in divorce. Jupiter placement can also predict spiritual path or loneliness. In my view and experience, Mars placement also indicate the warmth in married life, Mars somehow symbolizes energy and passion, hence the native is passionate and has a good intimate or physical relationship with life partner despite ideological or any kind of difference. I have seen cases where strong Mars caused immense passion making relationship very lively. So, the idea is that we usually ignore Mars which is unreasonable. The importance of Mars cannot be brushed aside. Mars and Venus together make relationship more passionate and intimate. A good Venus brings attraction in the native and he attracts opposite sex strongly. This is Venus with other supportive placements may result in a relationship in marriage whether love cum arrange or Love Marriage. Remedies: In case of malefic Jupiter , you should offer yellow mustard for 12 days continuously, the chanting of seventy six thousand of Jupiter Vaidik Mantra also helps in eliminating the ill effect of malefic Jupiter whereas for Malefic Venus one can offer cream colour sweets or hanky for 15 days continuously, the chanting of sixty four thousand Vaidik Mantra of Venus helps in eliminating its negative effects. Your Astro Speak is a platform where we provide an expert guidance on love , relationship and marriage the 21 year experience of its founder Dr Rahhuul Singh in guiding people gives an expertise , he has team of Astrologers who provide customized guidance to specific problems and queries related to love, relationship and marriage.