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Number 1 and number 4 are considered as wonderful compatibility in numerology, according to Kabbalah Numerology calculations the name number of Kiara Advani is number 1 whereas the name number of Sidharth Malhotra is number 4, as per reports they are going to get married on 6th Feb, 2023, hence the date of marriage is also number 6 which is a supportive number to 1-4 combination. Number 6 is assigned to Venus planet and a marriage ritual under influence of Number 6 is a great predictor of a successful combination and passionate relationship. Your name has ability to make marriage prediction or the prospect of marriage whether love or arrange and also what would be its future. Your name is very important as it adds to a number and every number has specific vibrations, if that vibrations are not benefic, you may start facing problems associated with that number. Whereas if that number vibrations are supportive and lucky then you will witness significant transformation in your life. This is why name matters a lot to our life and destiny and by making a slight change in name, vibrations can be changed in our life. Even in Marriage Astrology, Venus is an important planet for love and relationship, Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra marriage on 6th is basically is indicative and good omen. If we look at Kiara birth number that is 31st making it to 4 and Sidharth birth number that is 16 making it to 7 , are considered like earth meets heaven, the two cant coexist without each other , the love between two is so passionate and intense that they cant live without each other. If you look at Kiara birth number that is 4, she is marrying with Sidharth Malhotra for whom the number of his name is 4 whereas for Sidharth number 7 has been lucky as he is getting married in the year 2023 which is 7 and also his birth number is 7. Number 7 is full of surprises and randomness, hence the relationship will see lot of wonderful surprises and happiness. Couple will be full of glamour, attraction and doing good in career as well after marriage, the family acceptance will also be high in both sides , primarily the decision for marriage in case of 4 and 7 are taken by themselves and they are able to convince parents if there is any disagreement, it is considered that number 4 is assertive and compassionate hence , the bond become stronger with number 7 with pace of time. There are situations when if girl gets angry, boy himself approaches and rope in girl with his commitment and innocence towards her. Kiara and Sidharth love story is going to be a beautiful journey for them. 4 and 7 fascinates each other naturally, there are difference in characteristics but they can not live without each other once they get along and decide to marry .With number 4 and number 7 quest for each other, this marriage is going to be full of romance, love and elegance. We can see how your lucky number can give insights about compatible life partner and also how would be life with him or her. Your Astro Speak is a platform where expert Astrological guidance on marriage , love and relationship is being provided by a team of Astrologers. Dr Raahul Singh who is Founder has been practicing Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology for more than two decades and has made several key predictions that have come true.