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Venus planet symbolizes romance, love and relationship. This year valentine is special because as per numerology the year is of 2022 which makes number 6 and number 6 is assigned for Venus planet. Valentine is special in this year of Venus. If you are looking towards attracting someone in your life, this year offers great opportunity energy wise being the year of Venus. Love and relationship is such an act which brings happiness in life. Some relationship is light and some are intense. Love indeed gives us a reason to be happy. Our birth chart has indications of love, relationship and marriage. The planetary positions have a greater role in deciding that how would be our love life. A benefic Venus with good degree and placement may certainly offer an opportunity for a successful love and marriage. The romance is intense and couple live a happy life with each other. In Astrology, effort should be made towards strengthening a positive Venus through colour therapy or through gemstone. This is to enhance and increase the Venus related energy in someone’s life. Venus planet cultivates glamour and attraction in your personality it also gives beauty to our skin and makes it shining. Venus Gives a Beautiful Life Partner If Venus signifies a love marriage the girl would be beautiful, therefore people with a good venus planet have higher attraction and fascination. They are accepted easily amongst opposite sex and their ability to enter into a relationship is better. One should work on enhancing venus energy through using keeping few white transparent clothes in their wardrobe. Use of food, fruits and other accessories may also be in our list for giving strength to Venus planet. The cleanliness is one of the characteristics of Venus hence one should be clean and proper care should be taken towards the hygiene. With various interventions and usage, we can cultivate vibes and aura for attraction, romance, love and relationship. By Virtue of positive and benefic Venus, our communication and interaction with opposite sex increases and more opportunities to get in touch with opposite gender emerges. A good Venus may also provide bed pleasure and sometimes extramarital affairs hence one should be very careful with a positive and benefic Venus. Avoid Gemstone If Venus is Malefic While looking at the Venus placement, it is essential to understand that whether it is benefic or malefic. In case of negative or malefic Venus, one should offer these materials to poor so that the negative energy of Venus can be minimized and the absence of love, comfort and happiness be addressed. In such case, the use of gemstone related to Venus should be avoided. A malefic Venus also signifies trouble in physical and bed pleasure. Venus energy may also give diabetes and laziness. People with malefic Venus may acquire debts and bad financial reputations. Venus if not in good strength may also cause hospitalization, prison and related problems. Therefore, Venus planet related negative energy must be dealt with instantly to make life comfortable and better. There are cases, I have studied where I found that Venus despite being in good strength, was placed in 12 th house, and 12 th house is house of expenses hence the positive energy of Venus was spent in this case. So for such cases empowering Venus with some gemstone helps. But with such people still attraction, glamour and possibility of relationship remains very high. Venus gives career in modeling or your presence on screen. People who have strong Venus can make their career in this area or they may work in media where they would have presence on screen. Such people may have great fan following and acceptance in society. If other planets support, they will have a luxurious life for sure with all comfort. Attract Love and Romance through Rose Quartz Rose Quartz Rose Quartz For this valentine, you can create attraction in your life by using rose quartz, this basically helps in strengthening Venus planet energy but more than that it develops attraction in our personality. Rose quartz helps in making your skin tighter, shining, bright and attractive. This helps in making the bond between a couple more intense and communication increases between them. In my two decades’ experience, I have observed in few cases where there were issues in relationship, use of rose quartz has helped noticeably for those cases. However, while recommending rose quratz, one thing has been common for me and that is Venus planet has been benefic for all cases. Rose quartz may also help in relationship and marriage. There are many youths who have difficulty in their marriage they may use rose quartz to strengthen energy of planet venus. This will certainly enhance the probability. You can find many Bollywood celebrities wearing attire having colour of red quartz making them highly fascinating. Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif many more have used attire of this rose quartz colour on various occasions to steal the show. This crystal exhibits beauty and attraction. It creates vibes of elegance in ambience. Get Your Love in 2022 a Year of Love and Romance In addition to rose quartz, you can give white transparent garments to your loved one or any gift which is white transparent. A pink colour teddy bear is also a gift that will develop a bonding between both of you. While sweets, pink and white colour should be preferred to create a vibration of love and attraction amongst both of you. With a guided use of colour , gifts and materials, you can make this valentine a year of getting your love in your life. This year is a year when the love energy is on high, you should make best of it on this valentine. Use of Venus energy will certainly make your life full of fun , activity, happiness. Rose quratz can also be placed in your bedroom to enhance bonding with your life partner. The use of rose qurtz for this valentine will certainly make the day special and augment a fabulous year ahead having lot of romanticism and vigour in your life.2022 offers a year when you can have your love at best and can think of marriage also if you are in a relationship. Let’s make Make our love life vibrant under positive Venus planet energy this valentine.