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Relationship and marriages have become complex in present time. The value system of couple have undergone see change therefore the role of planets and houses have also undergone a paradigm shift. While deciding about fate of a relationship and marriage, earlier the role of Jupiter has been extremely important, but now Venus also plays an important role because it attracts pleasure, luxury, travels, jewelry and many more. My 20 years’ research in this field of Astrology and Numerology gives me a concept that role of 8th house is very important in deciding about relationship and marriage. For example, if malefic Ketu is placed in 8th house, the relationship and marriage has issues, such people may have break up, delay in marriage, divorce, no marriage or second marriage. This is because malefic Ketu indicates random incidents. Sudden disconnection from people, place and position. We can understand this with some real cases however the name and location of the case are changed because of ethical considerations. First Case: Aditi Marriage Failed Aditi mother consulted me and asked to help about her daughter marriage, I got Aditi date of birth, place and time and created the birth chart. After going through the birth chart, I found that there was placement of malefic Ketu in 8 th house which was a bad placement. Surprisingly, Jupiter was benefic and had good placement. Since 8 th house also represents Sex in life, the bad planet in 8 th house gives problem related to sexual pleasure. Hence, the marriage or relationship is first damage in such circumstances. According to my understanding and experience, Aditi relationship or marriage must have failed or may fail at first place.I went through the mahadasha (Major) and antardasha (Minor) period , and mentioned that her first marriage must have happened between Jan 2017 to June 2018, and she said exactly it happened in 2017.But it failed in same year. Second Case: Pranjal Break Up After Engagement Pranjal consulted me for his surprising break up after engagement for marriage with a girl.He said that they were nice with each other initially but within few month despite he got engaged with the girl and marriage was finalized, the girl said not to marry. It was a deep jolt to Pranjal. I went through his birth chart and found that he is of Virgo Ascendant and his Ketu planet is placed in 8 th house. Malefic Ketu as I said is known for bringing sudden events hence it suddenly broke the relationship and deprived from sexual There are several such cases where I found that 8 th house alone has capacity to pronounce future of a relationship and marriage. Its not only malefic Ketu but there may be few more planets alone or in conjunction in eight house may damage the relationship and marriage. It is therefore important to look at the 8 th house to predict about the relationship and marriage. The placement of a benefic planet in 8 th house will have positive impact on marital life of individual. The Theory of Venus and Jupiter in Relationship and Marriage In modern times its not only Jupiter that decides about relationship and marriage but the role of Venus has increased. It is imperative to understand that the value system of society has changed from simplicity to complexity. Now your life partner looks for financial security hence if you don’t have source of income, Jupiter despite being good may not attract a pleasant married life or relationship. Please note that the luxury, money and material pleasure comes under impact of Venus planet, therefore Venus should support you to have a successful and pleasing relationship and married life. Remedies Do Work There are discourse among intellectuals who believe in Astrology that whether remedies do work in Astrology or not. In this regard, I would like to refer the illustrious book of Carl Jung “ The Synchronicity” in which he observes that a lady comes to him and says that her husband has gone out whereas a bird is seating atop his house, she feared that her husband may die, Carl Jung responded what a foolish logic is this. The lady further responded that her mother in law had intimated that her father in law died of accident while he went out and a bird was seating atop her house. She said that today again similar thing has happened as my husband has gone out and a bird is seating atop my house hence I am scared that there may be some accident with my husband. Carl Jung suggested her to seat for some time and then he accompanied her to her house, as they approached towards that lady house, it was observed that there was huge crowd around, when they reached the venue, it was learnt that her husband had died of an accident. Jung was confounded over this development and it made him to think about whether there is existence of law of synchronicity. He wrote the book the Synchronicity and mentioned about the law of synchronicity. In the Synchronicity, Carl Jung was of the view that there are incidents in this world which may not have causal effect relationship but they take place as a result of a term called loop. Now as a researcher in Astrology, my experience is that like us Universe also learns to behave therefore we may notice that similar incidents take place at new place in different time period. Importance of Chanting, Rituals and Interventions Connecting this reference with remedies, whatever remedies that are suggested they do work significantly, though we may not have a scientific explanation to it but it has also been proven that chanting works on sound waves and mantras are targeted for something for someone. In the same way, while I prescribed a famous Dental Surgeon from Lucknow that please drop mustard oil three drops daily for 12 days in front of your house with chanting of a prescribed mantra to cure your ongoing infection, he did the ritual honestly and he himself informed that the remedy has worked magically to him and he got completely cured. There are many such instances where remedies have worked in case of bad relationship and marriage, mostly we should first of all improvement in energy of planet associated with 8 th house should be dealt with as a matter of remedy. There can be recommendation of mantra jaap (chanting), or use of colour , some rituals and many more. These recommendations are made on the basis of intensity. But my personal experience is that remedies do work and they have ability to bring about substantial change in vibrations of individual. Last but not the least, I would like to mention that remedies have power to change incidents more or less, they show results but you need to be patient and believing in it.