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Your Astro Speak is a platform for various Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology services with specialized focus on marriage and relationship, jobs and career, health and fitness and Lucky Baby Names. Your Astro Speak was founded by Dr Raahul Singh in year 2022. Dr Raahul Singh and his team interest is not only in Astrological services but also in research. Dr  Raahul Singh is one of the few Astrologers who predicted about a massive deadly incident in India in the year 2020. The COVID 19 made his prediction exact with accuracy. He has predicted several incidents from politics, Bollywood, Sports and many more. His accuracy and expertise

Your Astro Speak has vision to use this knowledge through a group of Astrologers, Palmist and Numerologist for serving mankind. Dr Raahul Singh strongly believes in using this knowledge for binging happiness in lives of people. Your Astro Speak believes that we should make concerted efforts towards helping people and creating good vibrations in universe. We are committed to create difference by offering specialized knowledge and experience for people who visit us for guidance through chat, audio call, video call or face to face.