Yourastrospeak.com is a platform to offer you all kind of astrological guidance through its expert team online with various video, audio and chat methods.We are more research oriented and try to update our expert team with new knowledge in astrology and Numerology.

Marriage & Relationships

Love, relationship and marriage are very important in individual’s life, Astrology can guide us on the future of relationship and  successful marriage.

Career & Business

Job, Job Change or Business are governed by specific houses and planets in our horoscope, Probability  of job change or loss of job  can be understood through horoscope.


Planetary positions in our birth chart can give insights about health issues of individual, one can improve the malefic energies of various planets through use of Astrology.

Baby Name

Lucky baby name  may help kids to develop ,  grow and prosper  well in life. We offer lucky names for your new born through use of numbers and his horoscope.

Our Founder


Dr Raahul Singh is reputed in Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology. He is known for his bold predictions. He is one of the few Astrologers who could share insights to a senior journalist in a national media about a major threat to humankind in year 2020. He practices meditation and guides people and organizations for various issues. He strongly believes in healing through energy and chanting of Vedic mantra.

He is PhD and M.Phil. in Management both from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) , Mumbai. has predicted about sports, politicians, Bollywood and also even common people who take his guidance. He has a team who helps followers in offering a clear insight along with solutions. He has founded Your Astro Speak in year 2022 to help people through his experiences. He strongly believes that this method is divine and it should be used for maximization of happiness among every being on this planet.

Your Astro Speak is a platform where you will get all solutions through Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology. The purpose is to provide you more accurate insights and guidance so that one can make his life better through use of Astrology.

Famous Predictions

  • India Success in Space Technology in 2023.
  • Earthquake in India in 2023.
  • India will Lose Cricket World Cup 2023.
  • Predicted Corona like crisis in the year  2020.
  • Yogi as CM again in 2022.
  • Year 2021 Corona as more deadly.

Recent Blogs


Your Astro Speak shares knowledge through continuous blog articles on various relevant topics which are important to human life and society. Our Founder and others write these blog articles so that maximum people can get benefited.