Health plays an important role in everyone life. In present time, people are making special efforts towards keeping themselves healthy. A bad health or any disease creates deprivation from many things in our life. Astrology and Numerology too connects through its knowledge system to predict about individual health and possibility of improvement with prescribed interventions. Our research indicates that every planet represents few organs of our body and the positioning of those planets in our birth chart can explain the status of those organs. For example, a good Venus placement will indicate soft and beautiful skin with attractive face. It is believed that the vibrations and energy becomes cause of bad health because of inappropriate placement of planets or placement of malefic planets in health or related houses of birth chart. For example, weak or bad Jupiter may affect Liver, Kidney, memory etc. There are remedies which have also been prescribed in astrology for improving planetary effects over health. Astrologers associated with us are involved into continuous research and use that knowledge of astrology and numerology to guide people for their health related issues. recommends you to take consultation and guidance with our expert team, and make your efforts of a good health more vibrant.