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Lucky Baby Name

Give your newborn a perfect name that suits its personality, characteristics and planet movement with the Astro-Numerology cordial names

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Marriage and Relationship

Everyone wishes of sweet love and marriage in their life. team has experts who are guiding many individuals and by virtue of their consistent research, they can give you suitable and best guidance.

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Health plays an important role in everyone life.In present time, people are making special efforts towards keeping themselves healthy. A bad health or any disease creates deprivation from many things in our life.

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Your Astro Speak is the brainchild of Dr Rahhuul Singh. The influencer, astrologer, numerologist began his journey in the year 2001 by writing for a national daily on Palmistry. His deep knowledge, understanding and accurateness along with his keen interest in the subject made him popular for consultation. Dr Rahhul Singh truly believes in the power of numbers, planets and their significance in lives.


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22-02-23 : Marriage Can be Predicted Using Astrology

Marriage is considered to be a life full of dreams, romance and elegance. In Astrology there seventh house and the placement of planet in it fundamentally gives insights about marriage of individual. As per my observations and understanding, Jupiter used to be a fundamental catalyst for married life whereas in modern times, with spread of material life (modernization) , the role of Venus planet is also very important. We should not only consider Jupiter for getting insights about person marriage rather Venus planet is equally important. I have observed in many horoscopes when Venus is weak and malefic, person is not able to enjoy a happy married life despite Jupiter being good placed. Hence marriage prediction is possible through understanding the strength and placement of Jupiter and Venus in a horoscope. Venus and Jupiter together have strength to make a long lasting romantic marital life. The auspicious planet like Venus and Jupiter may cause early Marriage Astrology has the ability to predict whether marriage of the person can be early, on time or will be delayed. However, In the same way your horoscope also gives insights about a difficult marriage or failure of marriage. Mercury and Moon planet are also responsible for early marriage along with good Venus and Jupiter. A well-placed moon indicates a beautiful life partner for a male whereas a good mercury indicates a communicative and jolly nature life partner for a female. To the contrary a bad mercury may cause communication issue and if Jupiter or Venus too are malefic the quality of relationship in such cases may suffer despite being together. Marriage in Astrology is an outcome of interaction of planets hence its strength or weakness has direct impact on quality of marriage. In 2002 , a couple came to me after reading my Article in a national daily and took my guidance whether they can get married or not, after going through the data, I clearly mentioned that seventh house of both of you does not align hence marriage in this case is not possible. To my utter surprise same thing happened, the boy came after one year and said that marriage could not happen and now its not possible because girl is now already married. Therefore, my research in marriage and health Astrology for last 21 years gives an idea that the strength of planet and its association with seventh house plays an important role in deciding the course of marriage even it can speak about whether it would be love or arrange. Like Jupiter can indicate the prospect of Diabetes, Jupiter placement can pronounce the nature of married life also, I have seen several cases where despite the native being married, the placement of Jupiter resulted in no physical relation for a long period or even ended sometimes in divorce. Jupiter placement can also predict spiritual path or loneliness. In my view and experience, Mars placement also indicate the warmth in married life, Mars somehow symbolizes energy and passion, hence the native is passionate and has a good intimate or physical relationship with life partner despite ideological or any kind of difference. I have seen cases where strong Mars caused immense passion making relationship very lively. So, the idea is that we usually ignore Mars which is unreasonable. The importance of Mars cannot be brushed aside. Mars and Venus together make relationship more passionate and intimate. A good Venus brings attraction in the native and he attracts opposite sex strongly. This is Venus with other supportive placements may result in a relationship in marriage whether love cum arrange or Love Marriage. Remedies: In case of malefic Jupiter , you should offer yellow mustard for 12 days continuously, the chanting of seventy six thousand of Jupiter Vaidik Mantra also helps in eliminating the ill effect of malefic Jupiter whereas for Malefic Venus one can offer cream colour sweets or hanky for 15 days continuously, the chanting of sixty four thousand Vaidik Mantra of Venus helps in eliminating its negative effects. Your Astro Speak is a platform where we provide an expert guidance on love , relationship and marriage the 21 year experience of its founder Dr Rahhuul Singh in guiding people gives an expertise , he has team of Astrologers who provide customized guidance to specific problems and queries related to love, relationship and marriage.

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22-02-23 : Get the best guide for the Astrology Names for your baby!

Choosing a name for a baby is an important decision for Indian parents. The name you choose for your child will have a significant impact on their personality and future. It is imperative to give a lot of emphasis on the baby’s name and choose the most suitable and lucky baby name for your little bundle of joy. Astrology can be a useful tool for parents who want to ensure that their child has the best start in life. This is why many parents are now turning to astrology to find the best astrology baby names. Lucky Baby Names In astrology, each letter of the alphabet is associated with a planet. The planet that a letter is associated with can have an impact on the personality and future of the child. For example, the letter ‘A’ is associated with Mars and can give a child energy and courage. The letter ‘M’ is associated with the Moon and can give a child emotional stability. When choosing the best lucky baby name for your child, it’s important to consider the numerology of the name as well. Each letter has a numerical value, and the sum of the values of the letters in a name can have an impact on the child’s future. Best Astrology Baby Names When it comes to astrology, certain names are considered to be the best. These names are believed to bring good luck, happiness and success to the child. Some of the best astrology baby names for boys include Aarav, Hrithik, Arnav, Aditya, and Siddharth. For girls, some of the best astrology baby names include Aanya, Ananya, Anjali, Alia and Aisha. Astrologers use the position of the stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth to make predictions about their future. This is why it’s important to choose best lucky baby name that is in harmony with the child’s astrological chart. Best Luck Baby Name When choosing the best lucky baby names for your child, it’s important to consider the lucky numbers associated with the name. The numbers that are considered lucky for a child depend on their birth date, birth time and place of birth. Some lucky numbers for boys include 1, 3, 7, and 9. For girls, some lucky numbers include 2, 4, 6, and 8. Lucky baby names can bring good fortune, happiness and success to the child. Some examples of lucky baby names include Akash (number 1), Arjun (number 3), Hrithik (number 7) and Varun (number 9) for boys. For girls, some examples of lucky baby names include Alia (number 2), Ananya (number 4), Kavya (number 6) and Nitya (number 8). Conclusion In conclusion, choosing a name for your child is an important decision, and astrology can be a useful tool to ensure that the name you choose is the best one for your child. By considering the astrological significance of the name, you can ensure that your child has a bright future. The best astrology baby names, lucky baby names are just a few of the many ways that astrology can help you make the right choice for your child. So why not consult an astrologer today and give your child the best start in life with an astrology name. Astro Speak is an astrology consultant that offers a unique service of selecting the best lucky baby names based on the birth chart of the newborn. We believe that the name of a person plays a crucial role in their life and can influence their destiny. Using the astrological principles of Vedic astrology, the team of expert astrologers at Astro Speak analyses the planetary positions at the time of birth to suggest names that are in harmony with the child’s horoscope. This service provides a personalized and meaningful approach to naming a baby that goes beyond popular trends and cultural norms. With Your Astro Speak, parents can choose a name that they feel confident will bring success, happiness, and prosperity to their child’s life.

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22-02-23 : Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani Marriage : Number 4 and Number 7 Magic

Number 1 and number 4 are considered as wonderful compatibility in numerology, according to Kabbalah Numerology calculations the name number of Kiara Advani is number 1 whereas the name number of Sidharth Malhotra is number 4, as per reports they are going to get married on 6th Feb, 2023, hence the date of marriage is also number 6 which is a supportive number to 1-4 combination. Number 6 is assigned to Venus planet and a marriage ritual under influence of Number 6 is a great predictor of a successful combination and passionate relationship. Your name has ability to make marriage prediction or the prospect of marriage whether love or arrange and also what would be its future. Your name is very important as it adds to a number and every number has specific vibrations, if that vibrations are not benefic, you may start facing problems associated with that number. Whereas if that number vibrations are supportive and lucky then you will witness significant transformation in your life. This is why name matters a lot to our life and destiny and by making a slight change in name, vibrations can be changed in our life. Even in Marriage Astrology, Venus is an important planet for love and relationship, Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra marriage on 6th is basically is indicative and good omen. If we look at Kiara birth number that is 31st making it to 4 and Sidharth birth number that is 16 making it to 7 , are considered like earth meets heaven, the two cant coexist without each other , the love between two is so passionate and intense that they cant live without each other. If you look at Kiara birth number that is 4, she is marrying with Sidharth Malhotra for whom the number of his name is 4 whereas for Sidharth number 7 has been lucky as he is getting married in the year 2023 which is 7 and also his birth number is 7. Number 7 is full of surprises and randomness, hence the relationship will see lot of wonderful surprises and happiness. Couple will be full of glamour, attraction and doing good in career as well after marriage, the family acceptance will also be high in both sides , primarily the decision for marriage in case of 4 and 7 are taken by themselves and they are able to convince parents if there is any disagreement, it is considered that number 4 is assertive and compassionate hence , the bond become stronger with number 7 with pace of time. There are situations when if girl gets angry, boy himself approaches and rope in girl with his commitment and innocence towards her. Kiara and Sidharth love story is going to be a beautiful journey for them. 4 and 7 fascinates each other naturally, there are difference in characteristics but they can not live without each other once they get along and decide to marry .With number 4 and number 7 quest for each other, this marriage is going to be full of romance, love and elegance. We can see how your lucky number can give insights about compatible life partner and also how would be life with him or her. Your Astro Speak is a platform where expert Astrological guidance on marriage , love and relationship is being provided by a team of Astrologers. Dr Raahul Singh who is Founder has been practicing Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology for more than two decades and has made several key predictions that have come true.

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