We all have a dream to have a bright career and earn wealth for a comfortable life. People spend a lot of time and money on their education for getting a good job. Now a day’s parents are spending high on their child professional education in hope of getting a better job. But surprisingly, everyone job and career are not same, few people get placement in corporate and some people get employment in government sector. Astrology and Numerology too have its viewpoints based on established qualitative data and make efforts to understand the phenomena. This knowledge can help you to understand the career where one should foray into, areas where one can excel and opportunities where one can look at. Planetary position in our birth chart can indicate immense wealth through a very decent job or through share market and other investments. We suggest you to use this knowledge of Astrology to add value to your efforts and decision making. Based on research, we are able to say that a benefic mercury with lesser degree can give a very good relationship and communication with peers but still does not get its hundred percent. Hence in such cases, use of interventions which can add strength to Mercury may add to its virtues like communication, relationship, finance, bank balance etc.